Hacienda A 12

Hacienda A 12

Set in a very large home site, this villa has a very modern design and at the same time is made up of many natural materials that are predominant in the area. High ceilings and open spaces makes it very bright and airy. The view of the golf course is spectacular.

  • 6,189 sq ft
  • 575 m2
  • 4 bedrooms
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  • Hacienda A 65

    Hacienda A 65

    This villa takes advantage of a great open space in the center of it, having most of the social areas in the first floor. The pool and gazebo are well integrated to the floor plan so you have views of water and lush landscape in most of the areas.

    • 6,458 sq ft
    • 600 m2
    • 5 bedrooms
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  • Hacienda A22

    Hacienda A22

    This villa sits on a very large home site and its design consists of social areas that are detached from the bedrooms and all are connected with lush outside gardens. Boasting beautiful golf course views and a great back yard this home is perfect for enjoying our beautiful weather all year round.

    • 4,844 sq. ft
    • 450 m2
    • 4 Bedroom(s)
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  • Hacienda A57

    Hacienda A57

    Recently finished, this home has spectacular views of our P.B. Dye designed golf course La Cana. Very well located, it is a short golf cart drive from the sports pavilion where you can enjoy our tennis center and gym.

    • 5,597 sq. ft.
    • 520 m2
    • 4 Bedroom(s)
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  • Hacienda B20

    Hacienda B20

    This contemporary designed home is currently under construction. The use of noble materials and open spaces makes it a very unique villa. Located on our P.B. Dye designed golf course, La Cana.

    • 6,566 sq. ft.
    • 610 m2
    • 5 Bedroom(s)
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  • Hacienda del Mar #321

    Hacienda del Mar #321

    • Furnished
    • Specs
    • Price
    • $315,000
    • Status
    • Available
    • 95 m2
    • 1
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  • Hacienda del Mar 232

    Hacienda del Mar #232

    • Specs
    • Price
    • 220 m2
    • 2PH
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